Gutter Cleaning.

When it comes to home maintenance, there are a lot of things that you can put off. But gutter cleaning isn't one of them. Gutter cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance, and no matter how much you postpone it, you still have to do it. You would rather do anything else than climb a ladder and spend half a day cleaning your gutters from dirt, fallen leaves, and insects.

If you have ever cleaned your gutters yourself, you know it is not the most pleasant task. It's dirty, it's messy, and it takes forever. But it is essential that you clean and repair your gutter system twice a year. The good news is that you don't have to do it on your own! The team at Gutter 911 can clean your gutters for you!

The Dangers of Clogged Gutters 

Keeping your gutters clear and free of debris is crucial. Clogged gutters will overflow and cause water damage to your home. The purpose of your gutter system is to allow water to flow off your roof to the ground and keep it away from your home. But water is never the only thing that ends up in your eavestroughs. Leaves, debris, shingle grit, and even animals can find their way into your gutters. As dirt and debris build up and get stuck, your gutters can become clogged —causing severe and costly damage to your house. Clogged gutters will cause rainwater to soak into your fascia boards and cause them to rot. Damaged and rotted fascia board can allow water to leak into your home through your attic, ceiling or walls. Clogged drains and downspouts can also allow water to leak into your basement and damage your home's foundation. Water damage in your home is costly to fix and can cause dangerous mould and mildew growth. 


Signs of Clogged Gutters

Leaks and an overflow of water after a storm are the main signs that your gutters might be clogged and need to be cleaned, but it may also be a sign that your gutters need repair. Some signs your gutters need maintenance are:● Water overflow ● Visible debris in gutters ● No water flow from the downspout ● Plants growing in gutters● Water stains on siding● Pests in or around gutters

Best Way to Clean Your Gutter System

You can usually tell which home maintenance chores people dread the most by the number of gadgets available that will "solve" the problem or make it "easy and fun." Our team has tried and tested many gutter cleaning methods over the years, and we will continue to test new methods when they become available. Many of these methods, gadgets and even many hired professionals will only address the gutter and completely ignore the other essential parts of your gutter system, such as the downspouts and outlets.

So far, we have discovered that no method is more effective than hand cleaning your gutter system with a ladder, gloves, and a bucket. While using a power washer or a leaf blower may be faster, they often create a bigger mess in the long run. It is rare that your gutters are only filled with dry leaves, and using one of these tools to clear gutters often blows mud and dirt all over your windows, siding, patio furniture and deck. At Gutter 911, we respect the homes we service and are thorough in every job we do. 

Gutter Cleaning in Regina.

Gutter 911 is here to take the hassle out of cleaning your gutters in Regina. Our gutter cleaning services are guaranteed to keep your gutters clear and functioning properly, so you can spend your time doing more important things than worrying about cleaning out the leaves and dirt from your gutters. No more climbing up on a ladder or trying to figure out how to get all that muck out of your gutters! Our experienced team will have them looking like new in no time. We're experts in everything from gutter installation to gutter repair and maintenance, so if you want your gutters cleaned right the first time, contact Gutter 911 today.

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