Gutter Repairs.

We all know the feeling. The gutters need to be cleaned, and you would rather be doing anything else in the world. We know how easy it can be for your home maintenance to-do list to get out of hand – and it's usually your gutters that take a backseat to more important issues around your home. Unfortunately, avoiding or putting off cleaning your gutters for too long can lead to bigger issues for your home. Regular gutter maintenance will help maximize the life of your roof, reduce home repair costs and protect your home from water damage.

Your gutter system goes through a lot, from ice and snow build-up to heavy rain to debris from trees and animals. Older eavestroughs or gutter systems that are not properly cleaned and maintained will eventually become damaged, start to sag and droop, and put your home at risk of water damage. In addition to our gutter cleaning and installation services, Gutter 911 offers gutter repair services in Regina, Saskatchewan, to help you ensure your gutter system is always doing its job to protect your home.

The Importance of Gutter Repairs

Eavestrough and gutter repair are essential to ensuring your roof functions properly, and your property is protected. The main job of your gutter system is to carry water away from your home. When your gutters are damaged, the water will not flow away from home but instead drip or overflow into your soffit, fascia, and other places it shouldn't be. Damaged gutters can cause severe problems for your home, such as: 
● Damages to the soffit that require it to be repaired or replaced ● Water damage to the interior and exterior walls of your home ● Water flowing into your basement or around your home's foundation ● Mould and mildew growth in your home ● Water runoff causing erosion around your home's foundation 
This damage can be costly to fix. The best way to prevent these problems is to ensure your gutters are in good repair.


Signs of Damaged Gutters

Your home's gutter system should last around 20 years. However, if they are not cleaned and maintained or have been through a particularly rough storm, they may need to be replaced sooner. Some signs of damaged gutter to look out for are:
● Cracks in the surface of your gutters● Rusted or corroded eavestroughs or downspouts● Fallen fasteners and nails● Overflowing gutters● Gutters sagging or falling off your home● Signs of water damage under your gutters● Breaks at the seams● Water pooling around your foundation

Our Solutions to Common Gutter Problems

The signs of damaged gutters should never be ignored. As experts in gutter repairs, these are some steps we can take to fix your damaged gutter system.
Leaks at the Corners: The seals at the corner of your eavestroughs can break down over time. If the corners of your gutter are leaking, we will remove the old seal and then add a new seal on the corner to prevent water from getting through.
Leaks Between the Roof Edge and Gutter: If you see water leaking between your roof's edge and the gutter, this is likely a sign that your gutters are sagging and no longer connect properly. In this case, we can re-secure and adjust your gutters to sit flush with the roof and prevent leaks and overflow. 
Leaks Around Downspouts: Downspouts should be riveted to the bottom of your gutters and sealed to prevent leaks. If water is dripping around the downspout instead of through it, a rivet is missing, or the seal is broken. We can secure the downspout back into place and reseal it to prevent water from leaking.
Our gutter repair services are designed to help extend the life of your gutter system and keep your home safe. If your gutter system is damaged beyond repair, the experts at Gutter 911 can install new gutters to prevent your home from being damaged.

Gutter Repairs in Regina.

If eavestrough repairs, down-pipe restoration or replacement and leaks in the built-in gutter sound like a nightmare to you, we've got you covered. We offer a full range of gutter repair services to keep your home safe from water damage. Let us take the stress out of your life by handling your gutter problems for you! We'll make sure that everything is done right and on time. Whatever the cause of your leaky gutter, our experts can help you find a solution. Contact Gutter 911 today.

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