Seamless Gutters.

Seamless gutters are a beautiful alternative to the traditional gutter system. They allow you to enjoy all the benefits of gutter protection without any of the downsides. Seamless gutters are exactly what they sound like, a gutter system with no seams. The main benefit of seamless gutters is that they are very durable. Because they're made from one continuous piece of metal, there's no risk of leaks or problems caused by seams breaking apart over time due to corrosion or rusting, as you'd have with traditional gutters. This makes them great for homes with harsh climates, like Saskatchewan! 
At Gutter 911, we offer expert seamless gutter installation in various materials, including copper, aluminum, and galvalume. We also offer them in both half-round and k-style. Our seamless gutters are custom-made to fit your house perfectly and will last for years—so you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected from water damage! If you are looking for a trusted company to install your new seamless gutter system, look no further than Gutter 911!

Seamless Gutters VS. DIY Gutters

When we say DIY gutters, we are referring to traditional sectional gutters. To manufacture seamless gutters, you need a professional-grade gutter machine. DIY gutters (sectional gutters) differ because sectional gutters are installed in pieces and have seams. Sectional gutters are installed in pieces and have seams. This means they don't flow together as seamless gutter systems do. The seams can also cause blocked water flow, leading to erosion and damage to your home's foundation.
Seamless gutters are manufactured with one continuous piece of material that does not have any seams or joints. This makes them more durable than their sectional counterparts and ensures that water flows freely through them without any obstructions. Unlike traditional sectional gutters, seamless gutters must be professionally installed, but the long lifespan and added protection to your home are well worth it!


When comparing traditional seamless gutters vs. DIY gutters, there are some big differences between them. Some of the main differences are:

Installing A Gutter System

The most significant difference between the two gutter systems is their installation. With a seamless gutter installation, the gutters are made on-site by rolling a sheet of metal through a gutter-forming machine. Our installers then secure it to the side of your home in a continuous run.
Sectional gutters are far more time-consuming and difficult to install. Sectional gutters are usually made from plastic or vinyl. These materials cannot be used for seamless gutters since they can't be made into a roll form. When we are installing a sectional gutter system, each section must be mitered and sealed together, making the installation process longer. 
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Security And Strengths

Seamless gutters are generally stronger than sectional gutters because they do not have mitres that join the pieces together. The more seams your gutter system has, the higher the risk for potential leaks. Sectional gutters also tend to be less durable due to the materials used, making them more susceptible to damage.

Repair Ability

Repairing a seamless gutter system is more challenging because the entire gutter system will usually need to be replaced. This tends to happen in the repair process. However, if your gutter system comes off your house, a repair can address this issue.

Cost Comparison

Most homeowners assume that sectional gutters cost less than seamless gutters. But in the long run, the cost is nearly identical when you add up the cost of the extra pieces, caulking, and tools we need to complete a sectional gutter installation. Because sectional gutters can be less durable and are often a DIY installation, they will likely not last as long as a seamless gutter installation. This may mean more maintenance and repair costs in the future.
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Size Of Seamless Aluminum Gutters.

A 5-inch seamless aluminum gutter is the most commonly used size in Saskatchewan. However, 6-inch and 7-inch gutters are becoming more popular with homeowners. Seamless aluminum gutters also come in larger sizes which are typically used for industrial or commercial applications.

The main difference between 5-inch, 6-inch, and 7-inch gutters is their size and the amount of water they can hold. In situations where you frequently experience heavy rainfall and/or rainwater is continually overflowing from your gutter system, a 6” or 7″ gutter system may be the best option for your home.

Additionally, the roofline, pitch of your roof and surface area are essential factors in determining whether you should install a 5-inch, 6-inch, or 7-inch gutter system. Using two different sizes of gutters in the same gutter system may also be a cost-effective option for areas of your home that need a higher capacity.

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