Snow Guards.

Snow Guards in Regina.


Snow guards are a must-have for any roof that gets a lot of snow. Snow guards come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, but they all have the same goal: to prevent snow or ice from falling off of your roof and onto your landscaping, cars, or people below. They hold the snow on your roof so that it can slowly melt off from the warm sun or other heat sources. 
Snow guards are an important part of any gutter system because they help keep people safe and prevent damage to your property during snowstorms. Snow guards also reduce ice damming on your roof by allowing water to drain off instead of collecting, where it could freeze over time, re-melt and then leak into your home through the attic, ceilings or walls.
Generally, snow guards are used on homes or businesses with very steep roofs or roofs made of slate, metal or wood. Asphalt roofs usually have enough grip to prevent snow from sliding off your roof. As the snow accumulates on your roof and melts in the sun, it will bond together. The bonded snow will then freeze and create a dangerous block of ice. Even if your attic is properly insulated, warm rising air from your home will cause the snow to melt, and the entire roof's surface will become slick and cause the ice to slide off the roof and cause damage to your property or harm people. Snow guards are designed to hold the snow on your roof and prevent these issues.

What is Snow Guard?

In extreme winter weather conditions, like those we experience in Saskatchewan, snow and ice will not properly melt off your roof. Instead, it will continue to build up on your roof and create safety hazards. Many home and business owners in colder climates who use snow guards to prevent snow from falling off the roof will also add a heating source to help melt the snow. We do not recommend applying heat tape to most roof surfaces due to roof warranties and potential fire hazards. However, there are alternative methods that can aid in properly melting the ice and snow.
The type of snow guard you choose will depend on the type of roofing material that is on your home or business. The snow guards we provide offer the lowest visibility option and the most favourable solution for the integrity of your roof and for preventing corrosion. We attach our snow guards to metal roofs using a bonding agent designed to withstand the Saskatchewan weather conditions.
Aluminum is the ideal material when installing snow guards on cedar shakes or stone tiles. We use aluminum in most of our gutter installations because it is a low-corrosive and environmentally friendly material. However, when we install snow guards on metal roofs, we have various options, including aluminum, copper, galvanized steel and galvalume steel. We recommend using the same material for the snow guard used on your roof to prevent potential corrosion.
If you need a snow guard installed on your home or business, Gutter 911 can help. We offer professional installation of snow guards in Regina. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure they are installed correctly so that they will continue to provide you with protection for years to come.


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