Underground Gutter Drainage.

When it comes to your home's gutter drainage, you want to ensure it works well. Underground gutter drainage is a critical aspect of your home's water management system. We're here to help you keep it running smoothly.

At Gutter 911, we offer underground gutter drainage cleaning for existing underground drains in addition to our gutter cleaning services. If you are having problems with your underground gutter drainage or your home needs underground drainage pipes, we can help! We know how important it is for you to have clean gutters—and that means taking care of all aspects of the system, so nothing gets clogged or damaged. That's why our team works hard to ensure that when we leave your property, everything is working as it should be!

What Are the Benefits of Underground Gutter Drainage? 

Underground gutter drainage, when correctly installed, can offer many advantages over traditional gutter drains, particularly for curb appeal and lawn maintenance. If you have spent time and money making sure your yard looks its best, a large gutter drain running through your yard might be an eyesore you don’t want. An underground gutter drainage system will be more aesthetically pleasing for your yard and increase your curb appeal and your resale value if you are considering selling your home.

Another great advantage of an underground gutter drainage system is lawn maintenance. With underground gutter drainage, you will not have to worry about running your drain over with your lawnmower or accidentally disconnecting it when moving it out of the way. An underground gutter drainage system can also divert rainwater away from your home more effectively, reduce water pooling in your yard and eliminate slick and icy spots in the winter. 


While the traditional above-ground gutter drain is the most common option for a gutter system, underground gutter drains are another alternative that you may not know about!

How Do I Know if My Underground Gutter Drains Need to be Cleaned?

If you are experiencing water pooling in your yard or in areas where your underground gutter drainage is installed, you likely have a clog that is causing the drain to leak. Another common sign is rainwater overflowing from your gutters even after being cleaned. Sometimes, the clog can be seen from the opening of the drain. If you are not sure if your underground gutter drainage is clogged, contact Gutter 911. We will come out, inspect your underground drainage and give an estimate for the cost of cleaning.

Why Do I Need Underground Gutter Drainage?

During heavy rainfall, your gutters will catch the rainwater from your roof and carry it to the ground. If your home does not have gutter extensions or underground drainage, the water will begin to collect around your home. Over time, this water can seep into your foundation, leak into your basement, undermine stairs, driveways and patios and cause significant damage to your home. In most cases, water pooling around your home can be resolved by fixing a damaged rain gutter, installing underground gutter drains, or preventing overflow in your gutters by cleaning them.

Gutters that drain into high-traffic areas like walkways, pathways and driveways can often cause slipping hazards. The best solution for this is to install underground gutter drainage so it flows away from the high-traffic areas. In certain cases, we will re-route the gutters and downspouts to a different area of your home and then install underground drainage to avoid digging up walkways and driveways.

The Gutter Trifecta

The ideal way to protect your home from water damage is what we call the "gutter trifecta." The gutter trifecta includes three key elements to protect your home adequately. The first key is having new or well-functioning, properly sized gutters. The second key is installing a gutter guard on your gutter system. The third key is installing an underground drainage pipe, so the water flows far away from your home. These three elements complete the "gutter trifecta."

We recommend a gutter guard system with underground drainage because you do not want your underground drains to get clogged with leaves and other debris. Clogged underground drains can be costly to fix, and without a gutter guard in place, there is no guarantee it won't become clogged again. The team at Gutter 911 can help you with a "gutter trifecta" for your home, so your gutter system is always in perfect working order!

Underground Gutter Drainage Regina.

If you need underground gutter drainage in Regina, Gutter 911 can help! Our underground drainage system is perfect for homeowners who want to keep their gutters out of sight. We offer a wide variety of underground gutter drainage options that are designed to work seamlessly with your current landscape. Our team has the experience and expertise to ensure your new system will be installed quickly and efficiently. We also offer cleaning and repair services, so you can get everything you need in one place! Contact Gutter 911 today.

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